Inscribed Moments
As a small business we love the day-to-day interaction that we are able to have with our customers, although being an online-based store does not give us the face-to-face interaction quite as often. We just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you a little about how we got started because believe it or not our business all started with a wedding, much like the one you are planning at this very moment with the one you love most!​

Inscribed Moments is owned and operated by a mother-daughter duo that were in the wedding planning stages only a couple years ago! Kaitlyn (me, the daughter) got married in the summer of 2015 on our family's property. As a person with a design background (Bachelor's Degree in Architecture with a minor in Interior Design), I loved the idea of creating a day that was worthy of the love that I share with my now husband. I poured over every detail of the wedding from the invitations, to the tent layout, to the centerpieces; and at the time I had limited access to a laser cutter so I was able to fully design a few elements. I wanted every aspect of our wedding to show not only our simple style but our love for one another, and my mom (Shelly) was helping me every step of the way!

A few months later, my mom and I were looking for a new project. Now that the wedding was over we had so much free time on our hands and no project to focus our energy and ideas. And that is when our adventure began! We created Inscribed Moments with the hope of creating products that could be designed to express our customers' unique personality and style. We invested in a laser cutter and got to work! Our first few months in the business was dedicated to learning the machine and getting a handle on the different capabilities. We started with a range of products, mostly home decor and gift related items, that allowed us to test the waters and learn what all we were able to do.

In 2017, we are turning our attention towards our real passion of weddings and events. We want to have the opportunity to help brides, such as yourself, design the weddings of their dreams by offering them products that can be fully customized, but also giving them the chance to discuss their ideas with us as we are always looking for new inspiration. We pride ourselves in the fact that we do not limit our customers on their design vision; if our machine can accomplish the task then we are ready and willing. I act as our company's designer and I take the time to work with each customer on a one-on-one basis to capture your personal style. We have the technology to do a range of products, from those as small as a cork topper favor to as large as a set of decorative wedding doors. A sampling of the different projects we have done in the past can be found here on our website or on our
Etsy shop .

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life! We at Inscribed Moments would love the opportunity to help design memories that you will not only cherish the day of your ceremony, but for a lifetime. Our hope is that we not only create products that you and your guests will admire throughout the ceremony and reception, but products that can seamlessly transition into keepsakes you have in your life and home for years to come. We hope you give us that opportunity!

Now that you have heard our story, we would love to hear yours! Contact us and tell us a little bit about your dream wedding; together we can design exactly what you have envisioned!