Before we can start designing, the first question we have to answer is what are we creating? We have a variety of products and materials to choose from that all take on different properties once they are etched or engraved. If you had an item in mind that you wanted us to customize but we don't currently offer then please ask us about it. We are always looking for new projects or ideas! Our machine can etch/engrave wood, glass, acrylic (Plexiglas), mirror backing, cork, matboard, leather, rubber, metal (coating only), and stone. Our machine can cut wood (less dense), acrylic (Plexiglas), matboard, paper, and cloths. What product or material do you have in mind?
The next decision is deciding what the product or material is going to have etched or engraved on it to make it special to you. Some customers may have an idea of what design they want, while others may have no clue; either way we can work with you. Our on-staff designer has a design background with a range of tools and resources to develop graphics that will express your unique style. We even have the capabilities to engrave or etch a photograph onto different materials. If there is a specific design or logo that you want us to use, then email us the digital file so that we can quickly reproduce that design. The same goes for inspiration images, please send it to us so that we can use it as a reference. We do not begin the engraving or cutting process until you have approved your design.
After the overall design is decided, you need to figure out if there will be any text included on the design; and if so what font will it be used. Most commonly we have people include a quote, memory, lyric, saying, or even a handwritten signature or note. If you would like to include writing that you have written on a piece of paper or something else you have in your possession, then all you have to do is scan it in and email it to us. If you decide to go the typed-out route, we have an extensive library of font options to offer you. We can send you a condensed list of our most diverse options or you can explain the style you are wanting and we can choose options based on your description. What can we say, we do not take fonts lightly around here!
Although some products come in a standard size/shape, others have a range, especially special orders made from our material stock. We chose our specific machine because it gave us an extensive range in sizing options so that we are able to accommodate many different types of projects. Many factors can determine the size of a particular project such as the intricacy of the design, the cost, or the overall look. We suggest choosing a size based on the significance of the project and how it will complement its forever home once it leaves our fabrication shop. Another factor that may come into play is the quantity of the product, for something such as a wedding or event. We can work with you to determine the perfect fit for your specific project.
Now all that is left to decide any of the last little details involved in completing your project. For instance, you may want to add a color to your design by having us paint the final product, or even paint it before it goes into the machine so that the engraving stands out. Another option we have is to cut a design or words from our colored foil that adheres to materials. We offer this option in silver, gold, red, green, blue, and black. With our long list of products and materials there is a variety of different factors that could be considered to complete the overall design. We enjoy thinking outside the box and breaking the boundaries; that's why we encourage our customers to inspire us to take our laser designs to the next level through unique, one-of-a-kind projects.
Now the only thing left to do is send us a message so that we can get started working with you to design your unique project! Remember you do not have to know all of the answers to these questions before you reach out, we are here to help you fill in the blanks. If anything, this list was created to spark some ideas and encourages you to use your imagination, after all design is supposed to be fun! And although we specialize in home decor, event decor, and gifts, we are willing to branch out beyond those categories if your project requires.
send us a message!